Carrington Textiles Unveils Stealth Textile Technology


Military fabrics manufacturer Carrington Textiles revealed last week a cutting-edge technology for the defense market called Stealth, designed to revolutionize thermal signature management via a highly conductive textile technology for superior thermal shielding in the battlefield. 

Stealth is engineered with patented fabric technology that manages dynamic energy waves for mission critical security and protection, mitigating the thermal signature of a soldier from sensors used in the modern battlefield. 

Stealth, created in collaboration with advanced materials company Noble Biomaterials, delivers broad-spectrum SWIR/MWIR/LWIR thermal signature management in a lightweight, durable fabric. 

Stealth utilizes Noble’s CIRCUITEX® SIGMA technology, which is designed to mitigate thermal detection in military environments. 

Paul Farrell, Carrington Textiles Sales Director says: “Initial feedback from wearer trials of this pioneering concept in military field training exercises and in camp observation, concluded that with Stealth the thermal signature of a soldier was mitigated completely at different distances, with the material being near indistinguishable from the surrounding terrain, regardless of viewing angles.”

Noble Biomaterials’ Chief Commercial Officer, Joel Furey, adds: “Our patented CIRCUITEX technology is designed to protect soldiers and equipment from detection by advanced sensors. We are proud to provide allied war fighters an operational advantage in combat situations.”

The new Stealth concept will be exclusively showcased at Carrington Textiles’ stand at Enforce Tac 2024, taking place from 26th until 28th February at the Nüremberg Exhibition Centre in Germany, in hall 7, stand 340.


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