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Companies come and go, but not Peerless Handcuff. This family owned and operated business has been around since 1914, and they don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.

James Milton Gill founded the company after purchasing the patent for a new handcuff design – the “swing cuff” – that would revolutionize the law enforcement profession. Gill took the original swing cuff design and built upon it creating the “double lock cuffs” which gave the offercers the same one-handed cuffing operation but did not constrict the wrists too tightly while making it even more difficult to escape the cuffs. The Peerless handcuff quickly became the standard, rendering other types of handcuffs obsolete.

Now in its fourth generation, Peerless Handcuff Company is committed to producing the finest restraints- handcuffs, leg irons, waist chains and accessories available, used by law enforcement, correction and military agencies throughout the US and abroad. They continue to innovate as well. The company regularly upgrades the machining and tooling technology for all their in-house processes. It works with local specialized machine shops for outsourcing select component parts, thus increasing quality without increasing costs. Once manufactured and packaged the restraints are delivered to Peerless’s dealer network.

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