Featured Network Member: Tact Squad/United Uniform Manufacturers

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There’s a reason why Tact Squad is often referred to as “The Professional’s Choice for Uniforms and Gear.”  The company offers an extensive line of products devoted to the military, public safety and security professionals, including police, EMS and EMT. Their quality products are attractively priced, enabling many public safety agencies to meet their restricted budgets for uniforms and equipment.

Tact Squad puts effort and investment into research and development of new and innovative fabrics and treatments, keeping them ahead of the curve and able to anticipate the changing needs of their customer base. The company owns and operates its own mills and manufacturing plants, giving it a distinct advantage over its competitors in pricing, quality and lead-times. 

In 2015, the Amwear Group announced a merger with United Uniform Manufacturers, a company that had been producing Class “A” uniforms for some of the most prestigious public safety agencies such as The New York Police Department, The Los Angeles Police Department, and The California Highway Patrol.  The combined company is one of the largest uniform manufacturers in the West Coast.

Tact Squad/United Uniform is headquartered in Corona, California and has 3000 employees internationally and manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Mexico and Columbia. They are committed to new innovations to provide customers with the next generation of uniform solutions, unparalleled quality and service.


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