First Tactical Announces Price Stability for Second Half of 2024

Public Safety

In a move that will benefit public safety departments and their uniform suppliers, First Tactical has announced that it will not implement a price increase for the second half of 2024. The decision was made after careful review and reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining stable partnerships with its dealers and the agencies they serve.

“We understand the importance of building trust and collaboration with our dealers and the agencies we serve,” said First Tactical President Bob Denny. “By keeping our prices stable, we ensure that public safety departments can continue to rely on us for quality uniforms at a fair and consistent price point.”

This decision is especially significant for public safety departments, which often operate under limited budgets. “We want to make sure we supply the men and women who serve with uniforms that not only look and feel good but are also affordable,” Denny added.

In addition to maintaining stable prices, First Tactical has announced that its retail merchandising efforts will be focused on supporting its distribution network rather than company retail stores. This approach underscores the company’s commitment to strengthening its partnerships with dealers.

“We know the value of the partnership we have developed with our dealers since we started,” said Matt Sinclair, Vice President of Sales at First Tactical. “We stand ready to assist in any way needed, including assistance with retail floor plans.”

First Tactical also revealed that it will roll out a series of programs in the upcoming weeks aimed at increasing profit margins for its dealer base. These initiatives are designed to enhance dealers’ confidence in their inventory orders, supported by the company’s narrow and deep inventory strategy.

The leadership at First Tactical emphasized the company’s guiding principle of “Serving those who serve others” and expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from their partners. “We thank you for your partnership and look forward to growing your business together,” said Denny.

For further information, First Tactical can be contacted at their Modesto, CA headquarters or via their website at


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