Logistik Unicorp New Provider for the Canadian Armed Forces’ Operational Uniforms


Logistik Unicorp, a world leader and trusted supplier of military-grade uniforms and equipment to Canada and its allies,  has signed a partnership agreement with the Government of Canada and the Department of National Defense to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with operational clothing & footwear.

The contract, valued at $3.7 billion over 20 years, will see Logistik Unicorp expand its leadership in the Canadian textile and apparel industries. Fostering deep and long-lasting partnerships with the industry remains at the heart of Logistik Unicorp’s corporate identity. Logistik Unicorp has a strong track record of supporting Canadian business partners – more than 96 percent of all items supplied in its current contracts with the Department of National Defence are produced in Canada. Logistik Unicorp reiterates its support of the industry with this announcement and is eager to engage new partnerships with First Nations communities as well as suppliers and partners from coast to coast to coast on this momentous agreement.

“Logistik Unicorp is proud to have been selected to continue supporting the Canadian Armed Forces with their supply and equipment needs, which our Canadian military members continue to proudly wear while serving around the world. Since 1993, Logistik Unicorp has provided its recognized expertise in Managed Clothing Solutions, now supplying more than 600,000 individuals globally. Part of what makes Logistik Unicorp’s uniform programs stand out is the relentless pursuit of innovation through research & development practices, and commitment to proactively help our clients improve their services,” says Karine Bibeau, Vice-President, Client Experience at Logistik.

With the announcement of the Operational Clothing and Footwear Consolidated Contract, Logistik Unicorp will create further economic benefits for Canada for many years to come. Logistik Unicorp will continue to invest in high-value research and development in areas such as advanced materials, as well as in skills development and training to strengthen and support Canadian jobs in our apparel, textile and footwear sectors.

About Logistik Unicorp

A Canadian leader in Managed Clothing Solutions for uniform and personal equipment, Logistik Unicorp provides high-quality, innovative and functional clothing, footwear and equipment to more than 600,000 individuals worldwide, including 325,000 Canadians in various corporations, government departments and agencies.

Integrated uniform management programs provide a turnkey solution: IT systems, research and development, design, production, procurement, quality assurance, customer service, secure warehousing and distribution. Logistik Unicorp’s clients can rely on its versatile supply chain and its network of domestic and international partners. The group’s subsidiaries in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Tunisia and Vietnam serve a global customer base.


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