Pioneers In Performance Uniforms — Flying Cross & Vertx

Public Safety

Flying Cross and Vertx, two brands that have become synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of performance uniforms, trace their roots back to their parent company, the Fechheimer Brothers. With a history that spans over 180 years, the Fechheimer Brothers Company has been a prominent figure in the uniform industry since the pre-Civil War era. They were the pioneers in standardizing uniform sizing, a revolutionary step that brought consistency and reliability to the industry. Their lengthy history includes outfitting not only the military but also law enforcement agencies across the country, demonstrating their versatility and commitment to serving those who serve us.

Over the years, Fechheimer’s Flying Cross brand has shaped the way uniforms are made and used within the military, law enforcement, fire, and other markets beyond public safety. Today, as a leading uniform manufacturer in public safety, Fechheimer continues its commitment to excellence with new product designs, advances in fabric technologies, customized solutions, and attention to detail.

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