Repurposing Uniforms for Children in Need

Public Safety

Protect and service is a phrase often associated with the law enforcement and first responder community.  Now, an organization known as Uniforms 4 Kids takes the saying a bit further through an innovative program that repurposes donated law enforcement, emergency services and Australia Zoo uniforms. Through a network of volunteers, these garments are then turned into clothes for children who have a need no matter who they are or where they are located.

These clothes are distributed through Uniform 4 Kids’ partners directly or through any organization, charity or group that assists and supports children who would benefit. To date more than 30,000 items of clothing have been provided to charities, domestic violence shelters, remote communities, and other approved recipients.

The program offers an opportunity for frontline officers, other emergency services personnel and wildlife officers to connect with children and families in ways that they are not usually able to do. In turn this creates a broad trust relationship that serves to engage with and protect children and their families. It’s the ultimate opportunity for uniforms to continue to protect and serve the  community while reducing waste.  

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