VESTEX® Active Barrier Fabric Receives US Patent

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in December granted to VXK Products, LLC., makers of VESTEX protected fabrics, apparel and products, U.S. Patent No. 11,206,886 for “Fluid-Repellant, Antimicrobial Fabrics and Methods of Making Same”. The patent codifies the application processes to create VESTEX’s dual mechanism of action, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) cleared microbial and body fluid protective effectiveness of on the outside face of the fabric and breathable, wicking ability on the skin facing side of the fabric for comfort.

Ben Favret, chief executive officer of Vestagen Protective Technologies, says the patent protection will enable the company to assign the patented process to licensed manufacturing partners to create a variety of new products for protecting wearers in healthcare, first responder, food service/manufacturing and athletic apparel to home goods.

The patent will have an impact on the way current and potential licensed manufacturers and wearers perceive VESTEX protected products, according to Ben Favret, “The term ‘patented’ validates that VESTEX offers them something that no one else can: credible protection and comfort for wearers and brands.” In addition, it also protects licensee and certified application partners, not to mention VESTEX protected product buyers, from inferior products that do not meet the effectiveness, safety, and comfort requirements, Favret added. “It helps us deter knock-offs and separates us from lesser performing, also-ran products in the space.”

The VESTEX application method provides the only FDA-cleared antimicrobial and fluid repellency performance on the outside of the fabric while keeping the fabric breathable and wicking on the inside for comfort. Building upon the current FDA clearance for effectiveness in reducing greater than 99.99% of MRSA organisms and repelling blood, urine, sputum, gastric fluid and bleach to protect wearers, VESTEX has also proven effectiveness to reduce Human Coronavirus on VESTEX-treated clothing and testing using commonly available model human Corona viruses.The company has applied to the FDA for clearance of the Human Coronavirus effectiveness claims.

“The patent further validates the uniqueness of our VESTEX formulation, application, and effectiveness,” said company Chief Technology Officer Dawn Clarke, who is the lead author of the patent. “It builds upon our intellectual property protection strategy that includes our 510(k) clearance as a Class II medical device which defines a new FDA product code, Trade Secrets, EPA registration, selection as a Newsweek Best Infection Prevention product, recommendation by National Science Foundation and previous endorsement by the American Hospital Association. All of which are rooted in the extensive published research documenting the unparalleled effectiveness and safety of VESTEX protected products.

“With this gold standard of IP protection, VESTEX has secured the position as market leader in this space,” Favret stated. “This patent is just the beginning. Further innovation and opportunities to collaborate are now possible with other companies who wish to tap into the massive consumer demand for protection and safety and grow their business by applying, licensing, or selling products protected by VESTEX.

Additional VESTEX® Facts:

  • VESTEX apparel combines antimicrobial and fluid repellent technologies designed for continuous comfortable wear and protection for workers in settings where intermittent or unexpected exposure to microorganisms from blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious material can occur
  • VESTEX apparel is specifically designed to replace non-protective clothing that leaves workers at risk and works in conjunction with and does not replace PPE that is worn for specific use and during episodes of expected potentially infectious material exposure.
  • VESTEX healthcare uniforms were the first daily-wear scrubs to receive a Class II medical device designation from the FDA.
  • VESTEX remains the defining product of a new FDA product category created for protective medical device apparel
  • VESTEX was the first fabric proven in a hospital setting to reduce the acquisition and retention of microbes and other contaminants in everyday use Bearman et al.
  • VESTEX has been endorsed by the American Hospital Association and recommended by the National Science Foundation Center for Healthcare Transformation

VESTEX®, is the first a new class of FDA 510(k)Cleared Active Barrier protective apparel combining antimicrobial, fluid repellent and comfort properties. The Association of Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) likens clothing to “a virtual conveyer belt for infection.“ VESTEX fabric is designed to protect uniforms and work apparel by reducing the acquisition, retention and transmission of microorganisms on clothing. Based on the research reviewed by the FDA, VESTEX earned an exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association (AHA) in 2015 following the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process. Recent studies concluded VESTEX is more effective than conventional uniforms at repelling fluids and reducing the retention of methicillin-resistant staph on the fabric.  For more information, or to inquire about partnerships and licensing opportunities, visit the newly relaunched and totally redesigned website,


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